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High Throughput Assay Format

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Examples of Assay Configurations:

BLAST is capable of generating as many as 100,000 or more hits (starting from rabbit or mouse splenocytes) to several thousand (from peripheral blood) to any given protein target.  Therefore, partners NEED to visualize the workflow below and understand that the screens on Day 7 are designed to filter from these several thousand hits the antibodies with the desired design goals.  Several “filters” can be inserted at the Day 7 screen.  No matter what question is posed, North Coast will develop or transfer your assays to fit any one of the high throughput, robotic screening formats below.  Bead-based screens, ELISA’s, and fluorescence are used to creatively and rapidly select antibodies of interest. 

Creative use of the 1536 well plate saves time and reagents, and makes assay multiplexing possible. 


High throughput Millions of clones

Massive Parallel antibody analyses on thousands of antibodies at once:

Multi-dimensional Day 7 screens:

Each antibody can be interrogated in multiple dimensions in parallel to rapidly select the pool of interesting hits

Day 7 screens or post-recombinant recovery screens measure:

Induction or inhibition of growth (agonism/antagonism)

Induction or inhibition of apoptosis

Saturation binding

Competition binding

Bead- or cell-based high throughput microplate interrogation

Thousands to ten’s of thousands of hits are rescued and stored in BLAST-React plates for continuous cycles or “reactivations” for subsequent re-visits if necessary

Functional High Throughput Screening