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“Absolutely no patient should be sent home to die from a tumor where the normal tissue of origin is no longer present.  These tumors are easily targeted with antibodies.  They don’t have to be tumor specific - just tissue specific with the latter being a very low hurdle.”

Antibodies from “responders”

Cancer patients who respond to immune checkpoint therapeutics or tumor vaccines

Tumor Targets:

  1. Discovery -

  2. Via tumor immunization of mammalian hosts

  3. Rabbits, llamas, Goats, Mice

  4. Sampling the IgG immune repertoire of humans who are either titer positive or who have received cancer vaccines or immune synapse inhibitors (such as CTLA-4 or PD-1)

  5. Take advantage of in vivo patient response

  6. Screens

  7. Tumor specificity

  8. Death/differentiation

  9. Internalization target discovery for toxin conjugates

  10. Known, validated targets -

  11. For the less adventurous and risk-averse

  12. The number of validated targets are growing steadily

  13. Plenty of room for generic versions as early antibodies come off patent