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The Purpose:

North Coast Biologics (NCB) was founded in 2008 to take full advantage of a powerful antibody generation platform known as BLAST.  The business model for the past decade of new biotech start-ups has consisted of a path that is more amenable to the company being bought out as the early, more profitable exit for investors.  While this can be great for the first and second round investors, the technology that yielded those one or two product development assets is often shelved or “laid off” as the company focuses more on clinical trials and potential buyers of the company. 

This is where North Coast parts with the current rules of the industry today.  In this regard, when you have a technology that is very powerful and capable of creating hundreds of therapeutic assets and filling many unmet medical needs, we see things very differently than the status quo.  The BLAST technology is extremely prolific, validated, and generates a class of therapeutic that is highly desired clinically, thus we feel we are morally obligated to apply it towards meeting these needs.  And to do so, we’ve changed the model and essentially stole a page from our industry founders where a leaky warehouse in South San Francisco was enough to create an industry founded on discovery

North Coast and BLAST are serving the biotech and medical community by providing a “creative space” for discovery to flourish.  Our antibody assets that we create internally are outlicensed.  Applications of BLAST and associated assets are sometimes spun out as separate companies.  Partnerships are formed with interested biotech and pharma partners to generate antibodies for disease indications for which they choose to serve. Most significantly, all of these factors allow North Coast to then approach disease indications based on unmet medical need rather than market size. 


Imagine having the power to physically assay an entire IgG memory B-cell repertoire from an immune human, mouse, or rabbit and seeing results to your target in just seven days.  Imagine reconstituting the desired specificities in less than two weeks afterward.

Imagine having a technology powerful enough to discover the earliest serological markers of disease progression in ovarian cancer and other solid tumors.

Imagine having a technology that is so powerful and rapid that compassionate use could discover therapeutic antibodies for a single cancer patient where no other drug is available, and thus being the first to usher in “personalized” medicine for antibody therapeutics. 

Imagine being able to selectively eliminate disease-associated T-cells in Type-1 Diabetes and other auto-immune diseases using BLAST-derived antibodies that kill by ADCC.

Imagine being able to discover those rare specificities that target tumor preferentially vs normal cells and configuring those antibodies for tumor elimination.

Imagine screening for functional antibodies that work as agonists or antagonists on receptors known to be highly problematic for antibody generation.

The BLAST platform has a history of finding these precious needles in the haystack.

The crazy ones:

“When you have a technology that is extremely prolific, validated, and generates a superior class of therapeutic, you have a moral obligation to use it to it’s fullest extent.”
-Johnny Stine, Founder of North Coast Biologics and Theraclone-Sciences