Holding true to the statement of our purpose - through creativity, necessity, and passion, North Coast has begun the application of BLAST for compassionate use and treatment of tumors in patients where there is no hope left.  

“The biggest obstacle to a true war against cancer, Watson wrote, may be the inherently conservative nature of today’s cancer research establishments.  As long as that’s so, curing cancer will always be 10 or 20 years away” - James D. Watson

North Coast was founded to be the opposite of the establishment and to be bold.  Given our in depth knowledge of BLAST and it’s versatility, the time has come for it’s use in personalized medicine.  While we are also trying to find the most broadly efficacious antibody therapeutic for a particular cancer, we will simultaneously create personalized therapeutic antibody treatments for the vast majority who are refractory to the sub-optimal, toxic, currently approved drugs available today.  We are doing this because the technology is here, our goals have nothing to do with creating a massive exit for our investors, and we are morally obligated to do so.

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The North Coast model is to fund itself via partnerships with other like-minded, forward-thinking companies who still value antibody discovery.  Because of the prolific nature of the technology, our own internal interests produce antibodies that we will directly sell/outlicense to those wishing to develop antibodies without the pain of discovering their own. 

Visit the product link readily or subscribe to the RSS feed.  North Coast will either sell directly or sell auction-style antibodies that have been taken through various stages of validation.  Since we possess a technology that routinely makes antibodies to targets other technologies have difficulties with, we are happy to provide those in product development roles a “basket” of antibodies every now and then.  Enjoy your shopping experience. 

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North Coast Biologics
Fundamentally changing target / therapeutic antibody discovery, and treatment of infectious disease, cancer, and autoimmunity - all from a common platform of efficient host B-cell interrogation technology

Our Purpose:

The Technology:  BLAST

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Applications of BLAST

BLAST is a method that physically displays an entire, native IgG immune response in an easily assayable format for discovering antibodies with desired function or features.  For the first time, immune responses from various mammals (humans included) can be sampled thoroughly and efficiently for rare antibodies of high affinity or function for therapeutic antibody discovery.  BLAST has been configured for speed (7 days to see results from B-cells to screens) and flexibility in that it has been industrialized to the degree that you can “work at the speed of thought”.  An entire immunological history of acute or chronic disease can be assayed or monitored for both efficacious antibodies and their associated targets or epitopes.  All antibodies are delivered humanized when non-human species are used.

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North Coast Bio is an antibody company committed to the discovery and generation of antibody therapeutics for serving unmet medical needs and/or to replace antibodies to known, validated targets that under perform either via partnerships or our own internal efforts.

The company was founded for the sole purpose of free and creative deployment of the main technology into the typical areas, but also to include those that traditional venture backed companies cannot serve.  Our goal is to choose disease indications based on unmet need rather than market size alone while simultaneously partnering BLAST with biotech companies or pharma’s who wish to co-discover and subsequently develop antibodies that suit their clinical interests. 

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The BLAST platform has been engineered for flexibility and for speed.

BLAST in humans can sample the native immune repertoire for:

  1. anti-infective antibodies against viruses or bacteria from individuals infected (titer+) or vaccinated

  2. tumor-specific antibodies from “normal” individuals as well as those currently with cancer

  3. therapeutic antibodies from auto-immune patients where those antibodies that are part of the pathology of their disease are actually efficacious in another

  4. antibodies that reveal epitopes that are either responsible for an auto-immune disease (for targeting) or reveal neutralizing epitopes that can be used to engineer new vaccines. 

BLAST in other immune animals such as rabbits, mice, or macaque creates the opportunity to find antibodies with exceptional therapeutic qualities by producing a treasure trove of selectable antibodies due to access to millions of IgG’s afforded by the BLAST approach.

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Personalized Medicine:  Compassionate Use of BLAST


North Coast Bio is funded solely via partnerships with pharma, biotech companies, and academic institutions.  We are soliciting partnerships to take advantage of BLAST for discovery of novel therapeutic antibodies/targets or generation of therapeutic antibodies to known targets that out perform the respective current sub-par approved antibodies.  Our areas of focus are cancer, infectious disease, auto-immunity, and vaccine monitoring (reverse vaccinology).  BLAST is readily used to either discover new epitopes for vaccine development, or to monitor vaccine responses down to the epitope which provide the greatest therapeutic effect either pre-clinically or in clinical trials.

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It’s time for our local biotech community to get off our collective asses and make things happen.  Do you have an idea for a therapeutic antibody but are forbidden to pursue it?  Conforming to the current conservative way is killing our industry.  There are so many therapeutics waiting to be discovered and generated using antibodies.  We’ve given our local physicians virtually nothing to work with since the mid 90’s with Rituxan, Herceptin, and Erbitux.  While these are great drugs, we don’t need more of the same.  If you have a great idea, take some risk, get your work plan together and come to North Coast and execute the plan.  We’ve let far too many cancer patients die from tumors that are very treatable with antibodies.  If the established companies won’t pursue discovery of new targets in these areas,.....we will.  Bring it.....

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