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5000 square feet:  Building #2

Our current lab and office space is located in North Lake Union biotech hub of Wallingford.  As interest grew in North Coast and BLAST, a 5000 sq. ft. warehouse was acquired and made into a fully operational cell and molecular biology laboratory in the summer of ’10.  Starting completely from scratch with exception of some framing already in place, the lab was moved from four blocks north in a days time with incubators and cell culture functions continuous.  Today we have three cell culture hoods, 7 CO2 incubators, three multimeks, the usuals for assay development (ELISA and FMAT) and mol bio.  By contrast to the garage with which we started in ’08, our new building came complete with a kitchen, conference room, entry room and two large sized offices. 

The lab and offices were equipped with timely purchases on Ebay, Craigslist, and via local and out of state auctions.  If fact, many items in the lab were acquired from an Icos auction (coming full circle for the founder).  Regardless of starting a company with or without venture money, North Coast has kept with the tradition of building the lab benches using 2X4’s, sampson brackets, and melamine counter tops.