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"The biggest obstacle" to a true war against cancer, Watson wrote, may be "the inherently conservative nature of today's cancer research establishments." As long as that's so, "curing cancer will always be 10 or 20 years away."  Sharon Begley | Reuters Jan 9, 2013

BLAST and personalized medicine

“Absolutely no patient should be sent home to die from a tumor where the normal tissue of origin is no longer present.  These tumors are easily targeted with antibodies.  They don’t have to be tumor specific - just tissue specific with the latter being a very low hurdle.”

Tumor types processed by NCB

Tumor types targeted by MPACT Antibodies

Currently being investigated for institutional use at the local state level for generating tissue specific antibodies to patient tumors where the primary tissue of origin is no longer present and for patients for which there is no other option of treatment. 

Currently targeting both metastatic and primary malignancies of and not limited to:

  1. Prostate

  2. Ovarian

  3. Thyroid

  4. Bladder

  5. Breast in certain cases

  6. Thymic Carcinoid

  7. Endometriod/Cervical

  8. Multiple Myeloma

  9. Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma

While we are all attempting to find the single antibody that can help the greatest numbers of patients within a given tumor group, we feel that while this effort continues (with very little success) we should also use the tools that we have to give those who are sent home with 6 months to live a fighting chance.  We feel that we are morally obligated to pursue this given that the ability is here in technologies like BLAST which uses a class of therapeutic that is heavily validated in cancer treatment.