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Human IgG memory B-cell platforms iSTAR and BLAST produce the newest trends in therapeutic antibody discovery and vaccine development in the journal Science

The IAVI relationship with Spaltudaq (Theraclone) was initiated and planned by Johnny Stine and Wayne Koff of IAVI via an introduction by Dennis Burton.  Results of iSTAR and BLAST - both developed by and the basis of companies founded by Johnny Stine are setting trends in antibody therapeutic discovery and vaccine development for infectious disease.  Additionally, both have been validated in cancer target discovery in normal individuals, patients with malignancies, and those either given tumor vaccines or treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors (anti-CTLA4 and anti-PD-1).

Platforms Setting Trends in Science

"This is opening up a whole new area of science," said Dr. Seth F. Berkley, president and chief executive of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, which funded and coordinated the research.