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HPV & NasoPh Carcinomas

Since the founding of North Coast in the fall of 2008, the goal was to take full advantage of the power of BLAST in a “leave no stone unturned” approach to maximize: value for the company; and discovery of antibodies to serve unmet needs.  In order to succeed, we set out to do the following programs:

  1. Partner programs - where we make antibodies for our partners to generate near and long term revenue

  2. Safe targets - antibodies that we generate to known, validated targets to sell to those with weaker hearts and who are less pioneering (the majority)

  3. Novel targets - where we use BLAST to discover either novel epitopes/targets or novel antibodies with greater functional properties than those found with the current, lesser technologies - here we’re hoping to show the partner what they want rather than the inverse

The latter is where we excel given the technology and it’s applications in multiple species.  And because the technology is so rapid, directions can be started and either killed or applauded in the time it takes our colleagues to ruminate incessantly in various ego-driven meetings where the ideas flame out mainly due to the latter.  While discovery is the most exciting, we acknowledge that sometimes these projects become fishing expeditions and thus warrant more attention.  We hope someday to find that there is actually more than one bold and competent partner who has balls large enough to do this with us and share the risk.

Infectious Disease


Vaccine Development

Personalized Use

Again - not for the faint of heart.  However, given the number of “me2’s” out there today, success in this area can only be exhilarating.


Since 2008, North Coast has immunized and boosted rabbits and llamas with various tumor types.  We have generated literally millions of antibodies to cell surface receptors.  The idea here is to discover antibodies that do the following:

  1. Activate or block a cell surface receptor that induces differentiation and/or death of the tumor

  2. Differentially detect tumor vs normal cell counterpart

  3. Rapidly internalize upon binding either a rapid-turnover receptor or via receptor activation and subsequent internalization

Receptor internalization: 

  1. Thanks to the steadfastness of our friends at Seattle Genetics, the word “conjugate” is no longer a dirty word.  In fact it is difficult to talk to newcomers to the field today when you’re trying to talk about ADCC killing by antibodies vs ADC.  Since the founding of Seattle Genetics, every cell surface protein and their related splice variants became targets for oncology.  Since the late 90’s to today, with all of the Seattle Genetics coat tail-riders coming out of the woodwork, ADC’s are as popular as the zombi-esque bi-specific antibodies.  North Coast currently has a few hundred antibodies that differentially detect tumor vs normal tissue, are functional (induce death), or internalize rapidly.  The majority of their targets remain unknown due to the fact that a company our size simply can’t do everything.  Additionally, there are more gems to be discovered.  The purpose for partnerships is to boldly go after these projects with headcount.  The actual guts required for doing this appear to have gone with the funding - either gone with the wind (clean tech) or re-infused back into the dreary desert sands of dead habit like funding more original companies with another XenoMouse, a re-visit of ICAT/MS target ID, and even more genomics/epitope discovery companies, ie. more of the same.

Antibody Programs: