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“Absolutely no patient should be sent home to die from a tumor where the normal tissue of origin is no longer present.  These tumors are easily targeted with antibodies.  They don’t have to be tumor specific - just tissue specific with the latter being a very low hurdle.”

Antibodies & Personalized medicine

The procedure for generating tumor-reactive cocktails of humanized recombinant antibodies
The Process

How this changes cancer therapy
A view of the future of therapeutic antibodies at NCB
The Future at North Coast

Natural IgG1-induced tumor killing
Multiple antibodies are used (a cocktail)
Made directly to the patient’s tumor
The Therapeutic Advantage

We have rejected the path of incrementalism in antibody therapeutics for a path that favors patient survival over shareholder/investor value.  We are not interested in just buying time - we are interested in killing tumors.....

Personalized medicine using recombinant, tumor-reactive antibodies:  This is happening.  The technology of antibody discovery and generation has finally advanced to the degree that patients no longer need to be told to go home and say their goodbyes because the current therapeutic options have been exhausted.  We have the tools and the ability to generate cocktails of therapeutic antibodies directly for the group of individuals who have the greatest vested interest - the patient.   We create an arsenal of therapeutic options for patients where the industry has absolutely nothing else to offer and the patient wishes to fight for their life.  Relapses from failed mono-therapies or individuals who have tumors so rare that the companies with the leading edge technologies cannot be bothered to pursue them due to small market size? - these two groups are now being aggressively served.  Check back as this page and associated pages are under construction.